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Frank C. Alegre Trucking


Below is a listing of articles that have been written about Alegre Trucking, as well as press releases, announcements, and other newsworthy items.

Broker of Construction Trucking Services Bond - 2016

Frank C. Alegre Trucking Inc is firmly bound to a motor carrier of property in dump truck equipment, as provided in Section 34510.5 of the Vehicle Code.


Bulk Transporter - Sept 1, 2002:

BULK FOOD hauling may not be the main focus at Frank C Alegre Trucking in Lodi, California, but it provides crucial balance to the overall operation. Further, the bulk edibles business has become an important profit center in its own right.

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First-time state contestant pulls past competition - May 20, 1999:

Walt Ballard is a truck driver extraordinaire.   Ballard, a 32-year veteran of the trucking industry who works for Frank C. Alegre Trucking, Inc. in Lodi, won first place Sunday, May 15-16 in the state competition sponsored by the California Trucking Association. He also won the Rookie of the Year Award.

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December 18, 2017 ELD Mandate

ISE Manual for drivers