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Frank C. Alegre Trucking

Food Grade

The Food Grade division is broken up into two divisions, liquid and dry bulk.

Liquid - The liquid division transports food grade commodities such as vegetable oil, liquid sugar, molasses and corn syrup.

Dry Bulk -  The dry bulk division transports commodities such as flour, sugar, oat      bran and malt.  We also haul plastic pellets and plastic resin in this division.  We use both straight pneumatics and self loaders in this division depending upon the application.

Specialized Operations - Many of our customers need our services to vacuum out their silo or to trans load product from a rail car to their silo.  We have the Capability to do this with our specialized. equipment.

Rail Sites - We have several rail sites in Northern California that we can offer a place for our customers to send their cars for trans loading.